First glance at ‘God of War Ragnarök’ shows a war with Asgard

It’s been about a year since Sony previously said that God of War Ragnarök was officially coming, and today we’re at last getting our most memorable gander at the game. True to form, it seem to be God of War, with the natural double weapon employing that Kratos succeeded at in the 2018 game. His child, Atreus, seems as though he’s experienced childhood over the most recent couple of years, and he’s difficult his beloved father’s choices as well as ending up a more able contender.

Concerning the game’s story, it seems to set up a contention with the Norse pantheon of gods — similarly as Kratos obliterated each of the Greek gods in the principal set of three of games, he may be on that way again here. In any case, he’s certainly battling it, while Atreus seems like the person who is more persuaded that all out war is vital here. As verified in a broad blog entry about the new game, a ton of the contention appears to come from Atreus attempting to comprehend what his presently dead mother needed for him, after it was uncovered he was part-monster toward the finish of the principal game.

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