Assassin’s Doctrine player beats each of the 12 mainline games without taking harm

At the point when I’ve played the Assassin’s Statement of faith games, I’m really pleased with myself when I deal with a spotless kill. Concealing in a roughage bunch and taking out a London gangster or perhaps an extraordinary combo on Greek hero. It’s getting into the progression of being an Assassin, a profoundly prepared executioner with little kindness — essentially unapproachable. However at that point there is one Assassin’s Statement of faith player who seems to be in a real sense unapproachable because they’ve beaten each of the 12 mainline games safe and sound.

As detailed by Kotaku(opens in new tab), an Assassin’s Ideology streamer by the name of Hayete Bahadori has finished every last one of the primary games on their hardest difficulties without taking any harm. Impressive. The most ongoing expansion was Assassin’s Doctrine Valhalla and the streamer transferred the second piece of the test rush to YouTube in April for viewers to appreciate.

I can’t envision doing any of those boss fights without taking harm on typical trouble, not to mention Master Assassin. In the later games where the battle is undeniably more turbulent and purposefully savage this challenge would be much harder. It’s truly impressive to overcome Origins, Odyssey, or Valhalla without harm, not to mention every one of them.

Hayete’s rules are also exceptionally strict. Albeit the games can be finished Any% (any percent of the quests and objectives done) there is no reloading done and everything has to be finished all at once. The description of the video stipulates: “The measures for this run was the players wellbeing bar (Eivor) couldn’t fall underneath 100 percent (No Harm) from the second you oversee Eivor toward the start of the game until you complete the Hamtunscire story curve and placate the total of Britain. Never during the run might I at any point desynchronize or restart/reload assuming harm was taken or a goal was fizzled. In the event that any of these conditions were not met (ie, took harm, bombed a goal, Desync’d, and so on) a total restart of the game was required.”

The main exceptions, of course, were when harm was scripted into the events of the game, three times altogether for Valhalla. In that case it’s totally purposeful and can’t be stayed away from.

No harm challenges seem to be Hayete’s meat and potatoes. The Assassin’s Statement of faith series they’ve mastered, yet different games like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Request, Control, and even Batman Arkham Knight. The one test run I figure I might actually finish is the no harm run of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. As lengthy as I didn’t step on any of the pieces I should be OK, correct?

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