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sonic frontiers this is a game that a lot of people were really excited for when we saw the trailers but then ign showed straight play and that’s when concerns started to creep in for those who didn’t. haven’t seen here’s a bit of what it looks like there are elements that look very neat and I like the idea of ​​an open world sound game but there’s just that I don’t know of a tonal dissonance and how wild it all seems when the sonic is usually a very you know kind of high adrenaline situation kind of atmosphere combined with just the technical aspects of this game just looking pretty rough the animations just don’t transition the stuff very well floating in the air doesn’t really blend in with the rest of the environment, the graphics you know look a bit bland almost like your typical unreal engine tech demo that’s the word people use read a lot for this it looks like a tech demo like someone took a real engineworld and just like putting sound in it and it all doesn’t seem cohesive the idea is cool the execution so far feels like it’s missing to a lot of people and watching it I would agree with that sentiment although obviously I’ve got to play the final game to make a final judgment but obviously it’s not a game that was 100 well received it got quite a bit of mixed reviews and what a lot of people are saying is that this game feels like it needs to be delayed, I actually spoke to a number of people who played sonic frontiers during the summer games festival, even though i haven’t got my hands on it a number of people i’ve met who have come here for it have and i asked them what your thoughts are and you know there were two polar opposite opinions , there were some where she was com mesi i was actually enjoying this more than i thought i would really like it overall others were like it was excruciating none of this feels right now there is a common comment among these two crowds and that was i think this game is going to be delayed and it needs to be delayed because even those who loved it felt like it was hard enough around the edges that there was still more time needed to polish things to really refine the concepts what they’re looking for here, the ambition they’re trying to achieve, but it looks like sonic team takashi izuka would disagree this is an interview conducted by the video games chronicle where they directly asked takashi izuka what do you think the comments you’ve seen it’s been a bit mixed are you going to delay the game and you can see in the title the fans don’t understand yet what this new gameplay is this is how it frames it it basically says q there’s nothing wrong with the game we showed it’s just the fans don’t understand yet because they haven’t played the game but they will when they get their hands on it and he also confirmed that there were no plans to delay the game based on fan feedback, so I want to take a look at this interview, comment along the way, and explain my reasoning for why I disagree with a lot of what he’s saying so let’s go down here with his first question which reads that you showed off the first gameplay of Sonic Frontiers this month and the fan reaction seems to be mixed why were you surprised here’s an answer he provided that’s not not really so surprising that we realize that everyone is just reacting to the videos that they’ve seen and because they don’t understand what this gameplay is, this new gameplay is that they kind of compare it to other games that they know already, there is no I understood as to what this game is basically it’s an open world sonicgame and people are digging into that idea actually when you put out those trailers people were very positive and receptive about it that’s just once they started seeing the gameplay all the way through a game that wasn’t cut cinematically or anything that people started seeing the rough edges that’s not the concept or the new gameplay that people are against against it’s the execution it’s the lack of refinement the lack of polish the fact that it looks a bit like a prototype so we see a lot of people saying oh it’s a bit like that it’s a bit like that but it doesn’t it’s not like that it’s not like that there’s definitely a breath of wild vibe here but obviously it’s also just its very different game all the point of breath of the wild is to explore and solve puzzles c is still very loud just the obstacles the obstacle course

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